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perfect iv pokemon for purchage page:pokemon-incorporated.deviantar…
And to all you new members Thank you for joining :iconpokemon-incorporated: Hope you enjoy it here :icondragonhug:

And remeber the featured folder is used for artwork that is only to do with the group itself :)

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ever wanted one of those limited edition golden pikachu gameboys? or maybe one of those old green pikachu gameboy cases. WELL LOOK NO FURTHER.…
guess who's still alive? Anyway, remember a while ago when we offered pokemon? well, now I'm bringing it back: 5/6IV, fully ev trained, good natured, battle ready pokemon, hand bred and trained by me, can now be purchased here at pokemon-incorporated, for a small price of 2 dollars. any pokemon, save legendaries, can be bred with the prefered ability, nature and IVs, and trained in the evs of your choice. Interested? Let me know!
Also, as I have no access to pokebank, There might be a slight chance i wont have that pokemon you want. if that happens, if you have the pokemon and just not the right nature or ivs, just trade it to me for me to use in breeding.
Due to concerns with group spam, I have fiddled with the submission limits to prevent excess clutter. to prevent people from uploading 40 plus images a day, i have set the limit to each folder to 3 deviations per week. Please leave comments on how i can further improve on this group.
I don't have a real interest in this group anymore so i've switched founders and i'm leaving, the group just isn't fun for me anymore and i'm starting to doubt whether i found in fun in this first place so ...

-See you all
Now the four! winning unloved pokemon to be used in the contest are duh duh duh duh duuuuuuh!

1. (the clear entry) Shuckle with 9 votes
2 Muk with 7 votes
3. Garbodor (i finally voted as tie breaker) with 7 votes
4. and after weighing up which one would have a wider varity of how people with draw it Purugly! with (as i voted again) 7 votes!!!

Now the rules of this contest are simple:

You (the drawer) must incorporate (see what i did there) one of theese four random things into your picture:

Chips ( ... okay i'm going to go British on this) / French Fries
Italy (i can just imagine the Hetalia themed entries now)

... thank you random word generator...

The way we are doing this is Best drawing of that pokemon will get something and best drawing of that pokemon and so on for the other two, I recomend choosing one pokemon you want to draw and only doing that one picture.
Because it will hopefully give us lots of good drawings to pick from and it'll save us the hassle of deciding which of your drawings was better if you are the best in that pokemon
  i.e you draw purugly and shuckle and you're the best in both but you're only going to win one so now we have to decide which one is better purguly or shuckle, it'll be hard and i'd rather not do that.

Prizes... need to be decided later, try not to expect much as i'm certainly limited  with what i can give as a prize and i don't know is  :iconsaccularius: is any better than me in what he can offer as a prize

Sorry about the large chunk of text XD
~Founder :icongrumpyhedgehoginc:
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I wonder if the group accepts crossovers like this one: milestailsfox-fan.deviantart.c…
Shiny Pokemon for Trade! They are Marowak, Cacturne, and Nosepass. Will trade for another Shiny or a Vivillon if it's Monsoon, Icy Snow, or Tundra. Let me know if you want one!
i would like the marowak, and cacturne. i can offer poliwrath and kingdra, both with battle ready natures
I'm afraid those have been traded already. I can try to get another Cacturne if you don't mind waiting a little.
UmbraTigris Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Could I join?
ZillaPokeGirl Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys.Stop by my page. I do custom sprites of any Pokemon. Check me out. I do requests!
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